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Feb 13, 2014

Naomi and Her Name!

Naomi (age 5) has never had good motor skills. She was over 18 months old before she figured out how to walk and she was very wobbly for 6 months even after she began to walk. And her writing and drawing skills are also behind. Don't get me wrong, she's very smart -just not mechanically inclined when it comes to motor skills. She's been able to read her name since she was 2, but she could never write it. Yeasterday was an amazing day! She was writing her name!!
She drew a rainbow, too!!
I did help her a little, but this was just amazing for her! 
Great Job, Naomi!!


  1. Yay! Very neat too. Great job and a beautiful rainbow, Naomi!

  2. Naomi, responded: "Thank you" in her cute little voice! --- Actually, her voice is very rough! She had acquired the nickname "Pack-a-day" because of the roughness! She can sound like she smoked for years and of course she never smoked - she's only 5 years old! I love to listen to her talk. She's so funny! :-) Thanks for stopping by Mary!