Do not grow slack in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in tribulation, steadfast in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the holy ones, exercise hospitality. ~ Romans 12:11-13

Meet the Family.....

Hi and welcome, I'm Jennifer Marie Lawrence, the author of this blog. (I need to add my middle name or you might think I'm the famous actress! lol!)
By God's grace, I was blessed 17 years ago to marry a wonderful man. Jon is my best friend and has been for over half my life. Together, he and I have had 9 children (ages 16 to 3). I'm honored to be their mamma and to home-educate them here in Pennsylvania. Every day is a challenge and a huge stress as we raise our 9 kids in the hopes that they will someday be saints in Heaven. The only way I get through each day is with God and my husband at my side. 

Jon and I first met as we both helped teach at our parish's CCD classes. He taught high school and I helped with 8th grade - Then, we were set-up by a sweet old nun! Today, we enjoy teaching our own kids the Catholic faith. With Jon as my faithful "side-kick" (although he'd playfully argue that I am his side-kick!), we try to find creative ways to teach the faith to our kids.   

Meet Our Kids
Sometimes I will talk about my kids in the blog posts. So you may be wondering about them:
We have 9 kids -6 girls and 3 boys -ages 16 to 3.  
(Some of these photos are very out-dated!)

Our Oldest: Rachel 
Our writer, poet, artist, & baker!
16 Years Old ~ 11th grade
On occasion, you may see a post that contains a coloring page which Rachel as drawn. She enjoys creating pages for her siblings to color and I post some of them here for you to use. 

Our 2nd Born: Rebekah
The book reader & math lover!
15 Years Old ~ 10th grade

Our 3rd Born: Jacob
Future computer programmer
13 Years Old ~ 8th grade

Our 4th Born: Joshua
Future "Bob the Builder"
11 Years Old ~ 5th grade

Our 5th Born: Elizabeth
A shy and giggly artist! 
10 Years Old ~ 5th grade
Elizabeth is my Catholic Inspired Craft Box helper! See what she and I are creating HERE.

Our 6th Born: Hannah
Miss."What are we doing next?"
8 Years Old ~ 2nd grade

Our 7th Born: Abigail
Never without a crayon or pencil!
7 Years Old ~ 1st grade

Our 8th Born: Naomi
Silly, prissy princess in red shoes!
6 Years Old ~ Kindergarten

Our 9th Born: Caleb
Mr. On the Go - He never stops!
3 Year Old

Plus, three little ones in
Mother Mary's care:
Noah, (Feb. 11, 2000),
Trinity (June 18, 2009),
Maria (Sept 8, 2009)

Our kids are happy kids. They are often laughing, and they have an unusual sense of humor! (Like Mom  and Dad!) They make their own fun by playing together, drawing and creating crafty things, or just reading.  

May God bless you with His peace and joy!

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  1. Jen, I love seeing wedding photos! Thanks for posting one of yours. Nice to see photos of your whole family, too. What a beautiful family you have! : )